Why should I send my fine watch to Mainly Watches?

Many people repair watches, but I am uniquely qualified to service your Omega or other Swiss watch- 25 years of experience including factory service and independent fine watch repair and restoration. I now provide fine watch service nationwide via USPS and Fedex.

What is an “Overhaul” or “Complete Service”

The case and bracelet are inspected, repaired, and refinished; and the movement is taken completely apart. Every piece is inspected and repairs performed. The movement parts are cleaned in multiple ultrasonic baths; and once clean the movement is assembled, oiled, and adjusted for timekeeping.

Why are you called “Swiss Watchmaker”?

I earned the title Swiss Watchmaker at the WOSTEP School in Neuchatel, Switzerland. In 2007, after repairing fine watches for several years, I received a full scholarship to the Refresher Course. This advanced course is designed to elevate an experienced watchmaker to the level of Swiss Watchmaker. The WOSTEP School is underwritten by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, and fewer than 500 watchmakers have completed this program since it began in the 1960's.

Do you replace watch batteries and crystals?

Yes, I offer some services with faster turnaround. Battery replacement with or without water-resistance testing can be performed and shipped back in a short time.

What is an Omega Level 5 Service Provider?

This certification means that I am among the most qualified watchmakers in the word to repair your Omega Watch. I have over 20 years experience repairing modern and vintage Omega watches, including Coaxial Escapement watches. In 2015, I completed the Omega Watchmaker Evaluation and was awarded OWME Certificate #021. To achieve this Level 5 certification, my skills and shop equipment were evaluated by Omega technical staff.

How long does it take to repair my watch?

Repair time can vary greatly by brand and type of repair needed. Some repairs can be performed in two to three weeks, while complete overhaul service of a mechanical watch generally takes from six to twelve weeks depending on parts availability and my repair backlog at the time of approval.

Do you buy & sell watches?

I do not sell watches. I do offer to buy distressed watches and all types of watch spare parts. Please contact me for more information.